Do you want to sleep better? Be less Anxious?

These were the main benefits that Hari found when giving up alcohol five years ago. Other benefits include better skin and you may even lose weight. Never having a hangover has been bliss!

Whether you want to cut down or stop completely, having alternatives which are just as tasty has been an important factor in Hari’s success at stopping drinking alcohol. Join her on an alcohol free journey, discovering new mocktail recipes and reaping the benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle!

Our Values

Support Small

We are passionate about small businesses based in the UK. We want to champion these suppliers as integrity is at the heart of everything we do.


We are dedicated to the environment and using recyclable packaging, whether that is the cups we use on our bar, or the boxes we send in the post. We expect our suppliers to  show a similar dedication.

Hari runs Tudor Farmhouse Hotel in Clearwell, Forest of Dean with her husband, Colin. They have added an extensive NoLo Cocktail list as well as other alcohol free options, including several wines, making it the perfect place to go whether you drink alcohol or not. Hari also has a new mobile alcohol free bar service, NoLo Bars. If you have a query about any of the business, please feel free to email her on hari@nolococktails.co.uk .

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