We hope we have answered all of your questions below. If not, please drop us an email to hari@nolococktails.co.uk 

Are all the boxes alcohol free?

Most of the ingredients have a 0% alcohol content. On occasion some items may contain 0.5% ABV. This is the same as a glass of orange juice or a slice of sourdough bread.

Does the box contain allergens?

The majority of products contain no allergens. However as the ingredients change each month we cannot guarantee that each box will not contain allergens. Full allergen information is included in each box and on every bottle included. 

Are the boxes vegan?

Yes, all of the ingredients included in our boxes are now vegan.

When will my subscription box be despatched?

Your first subscription box will be despatched immediately after payment. Subsequent subscription boxes are despatched on the 12th of each month (or the next working day), with payment taken on the 10th.

When is payment taken for my subscription?

Payment is taken as soon as you subscribe and then will be charged on the 10th of each subsequent month. Your first box will be despatched when you subscribe. Each subsequent box is despatched on the 12th of the month (or the next working day).

When will my gift box be despatched?

Gift boxes are despatched within two working days of order. 

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

If you have chosen our monthly subscription you can cancel at any time. Please do so before the 10th of the month when payment is taken for that month’s box. If you have committed to a six or twelve month subscription you will be charged every month and can only cancel at the end of the commitment term. 

When will my Advent Calendar be despatched?

Advent Calendar will be despatched on the 15th of November so that it arrives in time for December 1. 

When will my Dry January box be despatched?

Dry January boxes will be despatched in the first week of January to avoid the often disastrous postal situation in the run up to Christmas.