Stories from my Drinking Days

S2E6: Vicky Midwood – overcoming food addiction & alcohol dependence

S2E5: Janet Hadley discusses her journey to sobriety & setting standards for employers to meet

S2E4: Stories from my Drinking Days with Olubunmi Aboaba

S2E3: From working to Hospitality to launching the first UK sober lifestyle magazine – Denise Hamilton Mace’s journey with alcohol

S2E2: How Sam Youngz’ journey through illness in paradise led to a new direction and sobriety

S2E1: Hannah Taylor on her journey to setting up the Sober Butterfly Collective – one of the largest Sober Groups in the UK

S1E15: Matthias Lataille – Ambassador for Healthy Hospo and the Co-Founder of the Healthy Hospo Chess Club

S1E14: Sophie Lee – founder of Electric Peach

S1E13: Colette Safhill – founder of Myth Alcohol Free Spirits & Goat Functional Drinks

S1E12: Esther Nagle – recovery coach for midlife misfits

S1E11: Colette Malcolm- Why the birth of her son prompted her to break the cycle of drinking

S1E10: Ryan Parke – The Men’s Coach – shares his poem to Alcohol

S1E9: Stephanie Chivers on her journey to being sober 17 years ago

S1E8: Samantha Bye – how illness made her reassess her relationship with alcohol

S1E7: Yarka Krajickova on why drinking wasn’t worth losing time with her family

S1E6: Lisa King – Self Mastery & Speaking Mentor

S1E5: Mark Wilkinson from resident DJ at Ministry of Sound to a Life Remixed

S1E4: Brooke Bownes: how your issues with alcohol could be because of unresolved childhood trauma

S1E3: Lix Harkcom on transforming her life to having a high flying career

S1E2: Abi Adams from Project Woman creating conversations women can trust

S1E1: My Story

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