Sober October is an initiative from Macmillan Cancer Research, and started in 2014. They promote the following benefits of giving up alcohol for the 31 days of October:

Helping people living with cancer.

Life with cancer has never been so tough, and the funds you raise through your Sober October challenge will make a big difference to people living with cancer.

A healthier you.

Giving up alcohol comes with loads of feel good benefits.

More time on your hands.

You’ll have time to fit in a morning gym class or weekend run, check out the breakfast menu at a new restaurant or learn something new.

A happier bank balance.

By giving those alcoholic drinks a miss, just think how much you’ll save!

Making a difference.

Raising money so Macmillan can help people living with cancer feels great!

So if you want to sign up for Sober October, you are just in time. Visit their website here.